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Annushka is an inexpensive and comfortable hotel in St. Petersburg

Hotel "Annushka" is located near to the historical center of Petersburg. Near to hotel are... next
Rest Base
For the visitors, wishing to have a rest outside the city, there is a country base of rest of "Annushka". On its base are spent... next
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Restaurant, cafe, legal services, base of rest, holding conferences, gym, billiards, a sauna - here the incomplete list of our services
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Хочу выразить Вам огромную благодарность от себя и всей группы
за идею и помощь в организации нашей поездки на Кипр.
У нас остались великолепные впечатления и от программы, и от условий
проживания. Мы благодарны Руслану и всему коллективу гостиницы в Лефкаре.
Благодаря им, мы стали убежденными сторонниками отдыха на Кипре. Смогли осуществить
интересную и познавательную программу по истории христианства.

Еще раз большое спасибо.

С уважением,
Н. Чернышев

, 23.05.2013

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Going to Visit St. Petersburg?


Today booking hotels in St. Petersburg is quite simple. One can do it in a few seconds using internet. But before you click the button think a little. What do you prefer – extremely expensive luxury room reservations in St. Petersburg or a good business class hotel with the adequate prices?

If you prefer the second answer, Annushka is your best choice. We’re not trying to host a huge amount of visitors. Our priority is not quantity but quality. Annushka’s a chamber cozy hotel for those who appreciate home atmosphere. So if you prefer calmness and comfort you’ll be totally pleased. No noise, no crowd, no hustle, no loud music. Everything is dedicated to your comfort and nothing can disturb you. That’s why businessmen from Europe and USA who want to stay in a hotel in St. Petersburg prefer to come here. Annushka’s atmosphere is perfect for having a good rest after a hard working day with its stresses and troubles. Silence, soft lighting, cozy carpets and comfortable furniture in your room bring you peace and relaxation.

single room spbSINGLE ROOM
twin room spbTWIN ROOM

You may think such kind of calm and peaceful hotels in St. Petersburg as Annushka are located far away from business life of the town. But Annushka is an exception! It’s situated near important business centers and surrounded by transport routes that will help you to reach any part of our town quickly. So you will always be in time at your business meetings.

For Businessmen

But chamberity doesn’t mean unmodernity. Annushka combines all features of a 21 century hotel. Here you’ll find:
comfortable conference hall
Russian kitchen restaurant for 80 persons
internet cafe
Finnish sauna
modern gym with all kinds of exercise equipment
billiard room
hairdresser salon, etc.
As you see we’ve got all you may need. Even if your task is organizing business meetings or negotiations with your Russian colleagues we’ll willingly help you. Our conference hall is equipped with modern technique so your meeting will be held at a high level. Annushka’s personnel will also organize coffee-breaks, buffet table or celebratory banquet for you and your guests. Be sure they will be pleased with our attentive service and excellent food.

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double room spbDOUBLE ROOM

For Tourists

Annushka attracts not only businessmen but tourists from all over the world that look for a business class hotel in St. Petersburg. Our low prices help them to save costs for the trip to Russia. Saving your money you can make your journey much more meaningful and exciting, visiting remarkable historic places of this old town. Just think about the possibilities you may have here in St. Petersburg.

You may see some places described in Dostoevsky’s novels, you may visit Summer and Winter Palace, Anichkov Palace, St. Isaac’s Cathedral and other famous buildings. Walking along the Neva’s banks or crossing this river on a steamship you’ll understand why this town is called the Northern Venice. You may also book a half-day or a day-long excursion conducted by an English-speaking guide. And, finally, you may visit the Hermitage state museum with its masterpieces of the world art. So your impressions of the trip will be much more varied and rich. It’s a good reason to save money, isn’t it? So remember it’s always inexpensive to stay in St. Petersburg when you choose Annushka.

Save Your Money with Annushka


Can it be inexpensive to stay in St. Petersburg? Yes, it can! There’s no reason to spend big money for elite room reservations in St. Petersburg. Tourists that often come here admit: staying in a huge luxury hotel you feel yourself inside of a big automatic conveyor. All you get is “mechanic” service and insincere smiles of the personnel.

It’s well-known that those who prefer booking hotels in St. Petersburg of elite class don’t get enough personal attention. No one really cares about them, that’s why they feel themselves as strangers in this big town. Besides, those who prefer to stay in a big hotel in St. Petersburg should be ready to 24-hour hustle and noise that keeps you in a constant nervous tension. So if you want to sleep well and have a proper rest you should choose small hotels in St. Petersburg with the fair prices.


Your Good Russian Friend

St. Petersburg is full of entertainment of different kind, so don’t forget to take your camera. Students that visit our town are attracted by its nightlife, with the dancing on the Gulf of Finland coast.

сруз lux spb reserve lux spb center LUX

Elder people prefer to visit galleries, palaces and museums. Those who come with their families adore ship excursions and beautiful parks. Our business class hotel in St. Petersburg helps all of them to implement their plans. Those who have chosen Annushka once always come back.

Our business class hotel in St. Petersburg waits for you in any season and for any reason. Annushka becomes your good Russian friend you can always rely on.